Group tour Escapada vital: nature, heritage and wine. Isla de Maipo Vineyards

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You will visit the picturesque village of Isla de Maipo, with a beautiful history and surrounded by famous vineyards: de Martino, Tarapacá, Santa Ema, Terramater …

We will take a walk along the interpretive trail that runs along the Maipo River, rich in native flora and fauna. Whoever wants to, can take a dip in the clean waters of the tributary estuaries.

You will taste the gourmet gastronomic products of local artisans: honey, jams, jams, delicatessen …

At midday, we will stop at the barbecue area and garden of the Álvarez Parador in Isla de Maipo, where you can have lunch with the products that you have bought or that you can buy on site. You can bring your own lunch if you prefer. There will always be a selection of wines at your disposal.

In the afternoon, we will visit a beautiful tree garden and nursery, an art gallery and the legendary copper and gold mines of Naltahua, from where you will be able to rescue some slag samples with the presence of precious metals.

Don’t miss the plan! If you are in Santiago we will pick you up.

The group tour in Isla de Maipo includes:

Visit to the historic center of Isla de Maipo

Tasting of gourmet products at Parador Álvarez

Maipo river interpretative trail

Tree garden and nursery

Art Gallery, the thorn of Art

Visit to a Chichería

Naltahua’s legendary copper and gold mines

Wine and destination expert guide

Pick up and drop off in Santiago

Note: depending on the availability of the services offered, it is possible that some of the activities may vary on a specific date. In any case, it will always be substituted by a similar activity that respects the essence of the overall experience of the vital getaway to the Maipo Valley.

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