Colina Valley hot springs excursion in Cajon del Maipo. Group tour

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Enjoy a hot springs bath in Valle Colina with the incomparable natural environment of the Andes Mountains. Group tour

A very healthy experience to relax, forget everyday problems andrecharge your batteries.

Hot springs in the mountain range

The natural pools are arranged as terraces on the mountainside. They are formed by the sediment of the calcareous deposits left by the thermal waters. These can reach temperatures of up to 70ºC, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic bath at different temperatures, depending onthe distance from the springs at which each pool is located.

Another attraction is the mud baths, which, after the final rinse in the waters of the fountain, provide a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and softness of the skin.

As if that were not enough, we are accompanied at all times by the fascinating natural environment of the mountain range, the river and the mountain massifs. If you are lucky, you can enjoy a cool drizzle in the middle of summer, which makes the sensation of being immersed in the warm thermal waters even more pleasant.

Once we have relaxed in the hot springs and on our way back, we will visit the San José Volcano viewpoint and enjoy a hot chocolate or coffee accompanied by delicious pastries at the Casa de Chocolate.

Don’t miss the plan! If you are in Santiago we will pick you up.

What to bring?

Sunglasses, sunscreen, bathing suit.

Itinerary of Valle Colina hot springs:

Departure from meeting points.

6:00 am, Las Rejas subway station.

6:30 am Los Héroes Maipo Subway Station

7:00 am Baquedano Subway Station

8:00 am Arrival to San José de Maipo, main town of the commune (and time for breakfast).

9:00 am Arrival at Valle de Colina hot springs. According to the new protocol, the stay inside the hot springs is a maximum of three hours.

14:00 pm San José Volcano Overlook

15:00 pm Visit to the Chocolate House

15:30 pm Return to Santiago

17:00 pm Arrival at hotel, private home or pick-up point


Workday: 10 hours

Capacity: minimum 2 persons. 10 persons maximum per vehicle

Degree of difficulty: physical conditions suitable for the altitude of the site (3,500 masl)

Includes: transportation, entrance fees and tour guide.

Season: all year round. Except in exceptional circumstances.

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