Entrance to Farellones

Full day private snow tour in the Andes mountain range


Entrance to Farellones Private Park

If you are one of those who like to spend the day in one place enjoying a multitude of activities, you can decide to pay the entrance fee to Farellones Park and stay there until 15:30 hi. It is an “extra” price that you would have to add to the price of the tour“a whole day in the snow in the Andes“.

The entrance fee to Fafellones Park includes tubing, sledding, zip line, snowshoes, panoramic chair and other activities.

Entrance fee to Farellones Park

Ticket price: 45,000

Children (up to 1.20 cms height): 25.000

Clothing rental

If you want, you can also rent clothes. At the beginning we stop at a store so you can rent the clothes you need.

Jacket CLP 8,000 CLP, Pants CLP 8,000 CLP and boots CLP 8,000 CLP.

Sunglasses CLP 3,000 and gloves CLP 3,000

Complete adult equipment $25,000
Complete kit child $20,000

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